Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 poems || Felino A. Soriano

from Forms, migrating


inward particles                       path-shove notion         needed expanse, (abstract)
                                      interpreted motional
                    freelance culture

of hands in the needing origami clear-clarity

this life of woven ceremonies cannot certainty-with mention sans celebrated
archives of what the need benefits in representational accolades

—and/or when queries exist about birth’s needed range of creative
    what holds in
harmony of inflection’s tonal adaptations
                                       surprise later with physiology’s occurring themes
 of patterned expectations


engage and expand

position then portend
                                                                             language’s of these movements’

                                      rotating clusters of mobile                 exhalations

                   —for H. Holt

pertinent                                  this endurance

quality perfect-bound echo                         variations, prose and purpose

pronouncing aliases among what
parallels mind-fiction

portending                      acclimated rituals                   design-query prominence
to gauge and
produce linguistic mathematics

                             after effort’s summation of existence’s gilded affirmation s



          promising aim toward what insinuates personal satisfaction

                                                          and when nothing can be done-more or
said enough into querying the body’s need to causational pause

we must allow
what writes freedom across the forehead
                   install frequent purposes
into what hold in the pocket well of permanent desire to interact with

rejuvenated control


What was written into palms

the mother’s role of permissive eloquence?

who wears what hides well within the context of borderline accessibility

the child’s innocence, halved within the mirror of a rotating infatuation?

how do rivalries exclaim ambition

physicality of abridged agendas, the fade of performance through tiredness’ undulation?

interpreting paradigms

sensory illusion often awakens alphabets of tonal acceleration, landing and hiding to where moments fade or find languages of what hides and holds in percussive affirmations?


Imitating tongue, I know their names.  And theirs.  Their
bodies, I do not ideate into instable hands.  In knowing
throats of birds—I know elaborate features.  Piano solos. 
Whatever signals name themselves, my pockets cannot contain
mouths when hidden or exposed.  Nuances of a shy oscillating singing.

Porcelain finding

I want to watch what works well.  Query that advantage
and have my hearing quadruple checked.  I’ve used
crows to draw crowds of syllables from curtain
-slide diagrams, and move into the position of unconcealed
empathy.  The pathos of wings reuses song to organize
wealth.  And when illustrated, the body is heavy, useable
at best in the painted version of an elusive figurine. 

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