Monday, October 13, 2014

text || Peter Ganick


Ictus remoulade proof 
eggy reason edgy answer 
a supreme lasso imprimatur 
so seizure so threefold opacity vroom selector 
wanderquest evidence lapis 

genuflection lob slowhand mirror
clarionette hammers gingerly 
show patience 
whittle returnee loquacity probe 
turnabout milestone vacancy 
pilot nibble 

trousseau voorsicht icicle duplex 
cogitate imperative glimmerati 
cheroot vanguardist 
emotionale nerve outrigger gamete mogul 
protectionate rostrum prix feint naissance 
tiburon also 

tenancy productive arose 
wherein aside plotter simple rupa 
centralitize motto suffice 
grandiose open heard negator 
eschatology pundit earilest vein 
pro wand equilibria commute 

faq neither broom jettison 
ketone urgrency oppressive qualiton 
neither warming scenario slumber 

assonance perpetual dauphin 
levitate masala nerve atomic villeneuf 
grandiose utter assonance seize muteness 
mortison gnosis tilde narrate millhausen 
vetting laissez aforemention 
surpassive prolix enervate gambol

fumeur noon granite 
seize tried roulette cadriron 
vowel quantify noggin 
separatist midstream glyphic 
overshoot premonition slight 
quell torn diagonal.

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