Sunday, October 26, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Calm Penumbral Flues

Requital rocks,
recoils in hearsay error,
plummets blank, and blogs
to boggled shrubbery.

Handrails seize an altered flock
of woven tambourines
with scientific palmistry.

Bungee sellers bury leisure antics
in chary mist interpretation’s foghorn lace,
bumming stray incisors off manacled threads.

Threatening to pray,
glowering crud decays
in sill contraption jungles,
coasting to ricochet decrees
for tessellated sock hop quintets.

Wooden mates engorge free-falling esophagi,
piling sardonic caskets down calm penumbral flues,
chopping woolen quadratures to mincemeat.

Yokels ogle yodeling youths,
yearning yellow yammerers ululating
till uxorious yogis yank jugular jocularity.

Effortless coverage,
strung from rocks to mesquite tree
to bushel alley donut widget picket faucet,
henceforth soaring when by wan imputed blur,
whence anon again and under tunnel,
within debauchery’s historic meaning.

Tidal Marmalade

Where there’s quiet blackout ogling
in porpoise veneration mist,
quenched ossifiers soften scenes
to geriatric nuisance rites
of hitching skies,
postal oldie garrison skits,
and cool dynamic bungee ingots,
shuffling starboard pinchers
into incandescent karma sleeves,
bent as nail-hive hairdo ignition queries
might appear to flan corrector floods.

Mottled hometown vats of cured
lobotic crease charades conspire
to float effluvial and barely hammered
down the sartorial runaway explosion moth’s
swinging sidelong shake-alike cramfest
for tidal marmalade interpolation’s compelling sneeze,
held to tickled undercarriage rivulet conveyance blurts
of feckless flirting’s ghastly crustacean
tenterhook asymmetry.

Motown munchkins tamper with
damply humping dumpling shrews,
tattered to dandelion Torquemada
pests by pestilence,
imputed portents of lobster etchings
in equestrian hedgerow falls,
and stentorian iguanas
on sabotaged heretical nooners
from mashed rotation guff diffusion,
deferred to coupled dignity
in moldy lawn cherubim jowls.

Howdy Tutti-Frutti

Lola punches through
hairline locket strong-arm barrier,
fresh to Your Nuke’s Concordance Hey,
lung wit millions of newly dishrag barkers,
plunked to Dearth on fade return
from MM-50’s indecent implosion,
unexpected blight halibut
the mossy prescient precogs
in the cratered galactic hubris.

Hit’s fairly subdued, this slanting,
wad with known parity preppily notarized
of impinging survival, so noon’s nut weighted,
nor anticipating show mangy trundlers.

Ewe mired wander whey die authorities
sin tend toupee or putt haul tease gnu survivors,
but pleas dismember tat Dearth hash bean seizing emptied
ground tea cluck fear thigh spatter spurt for tan yearlings,
hand dishes chest swoon schlep returning unannounced.

Surly tare mosh bay polenta
of groom tea stanch the fellows
what bust me sodden spurting
howdy tutti-frutti this soil
end lea divergent vesicle.

“Indie dunno prawn blem,”
he’s stall tea poor tattered oratories
hat touche windy wherein formed
of die encroaching schlep.

Pie theta eye him Lola sad food
in Groin Zorro’s familial laser wand,
merely null of die countless pushy germs
hat hall ratty peen deliberately
save hand found two
their eerie flown privy squatters,
flopped down the furtively nude fleece,
hand bygone due drool savor canny
ova douse ant trammels of sangfroid ankle
morphographic delectations,
sneeringly sawed-off tempt
imbibing snaking curls ant poi-pourri,
extra vagrancies nod replete wit
chipped dreams sand dirty tumblings,
sun-strictured shoestring cheese,
hand mangy dings water
dimply fun mentionable.

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