Monday, October 20, 2014

poem || Lawrence Upton

silence held and cut down

Violence edited by cultural ears.
The English sounds choppy. We murder
to be reportage. Impossible
persons in a context of sin, invisible
champions, a characteristic answer.
It is hoping time once more.

Language deprives dialogue
relating to jealousies,
documentarily stuck objectively,
that regime of verbal history,
love, not scientific,
fluid inside experience,
the body of delusions,
all upturned, no idea;
quick face repeats the enormity of following,
pictures the massacre,
fact nothing, slashed,
the Christ meat and drippy trash,
human fragmented,
repetition using my head
repeats fear,
body verbs for warmth and light,
connecting words to perverse impulses,
an old music,
instruments known as news,
words together,
sensuality not instant,
not taking position,
silence held and cut down

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