Sunday, October 5, 2014

5 poems || Vernon Frazer

A Session of Hell

a season of red villains
infers forbidden glints of heat 
waves ripple as they rise

and turn to phantom view
the hint that wills a renewed tint
across the beveled illusion

dead reasoning crests
to deter the raiding emerald
from losing true course

in the stillness of the wind
the compass turned moral
away while a right reason

clamors bravely to brink
the unblinking vision that
weasels their blue hatred

Resisting the Siren Call

loosening low tide visuals
hammers jacked their slow pursuit
camouflage passions renew

the plenary secret risen below


gusto filters behind the scheme
reel in teams of frenetic recruits 
hobbling vestige feeders parlay

shattered emblematic 
engaging the wages of pursuit

a memory concept replayed


a cruising fraud reminder clawed 
through suited tentacle breaches
dealing the terms that back away

from the delay of undue currents
dreaming filter fashions conceal

and reluctant 
to climb to a surfaced bidding

the pineal whisper uttered so wet 

The Next Barricade

Precious abusive rattle nursery,
horrorstricken saw horse conclusion:
online pills or the barn yard.

Everything questioned:

the strangers who promised
nightlight allegro patio discount 
coupon implied the conquest

(considerable efforts advancing mercifully)

then that mountain of fire
cried out from roller coaster scraps

(allegro patio
where you remember
his guests)

safe distance attached.

The roadside snapped morning,
killing performance with information
held fast to questioned nightlight

and returned 

They have captured the roadside, 
proofread and entered. Its surface 
suggested middle-aged beginnings.

Against the Tidings

parallel tines 
long aligned with the frigate
entrance a clutch tug

harmonics chime faint spheres 
over slow rippling

once clung the pastimes recede
a water legend dredging its own



the clatter of distance fades distant

a muse missing
lines from old amusements
lugged against 

the past's current upstream


that still goes forward
where the times shade 

the tides longer
days slow passing sunset 
through twilight

despite the warning whisper from dusk

Coding Coated

a grenadine whisper
sweetened on the off-mark

gloating in a gelatinous memoir

inveigled standing
once passion reveins its null
branding a stilted amenity

shoreline-driven weathered coast
frayed an omelet making a frenzy

an unknown tabloid
element lurking, component parting
too electric to touch

the whiskered anomaly
briskly asides too much in eclectic
dismissal ritual

a bitter taste in the voice
distancing until detected

no pattern left colder than void

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