Friday, February 14, 2014

2 poems || John Pursch

Tachometer Juice

Not to overfill erratic cob port ovens with seldom ferried whines,
two-tone toilette sheets abhor effeminate accretion dings,
singing ballyhooed sloppy fight schlong cameos to stung manatees
in compliant balderdash suit bag clay pot dreams
of extrinsic solipsism’s retrenchment ticket.

Slaking spurned equestrian unanimity,
eloping dog food carriers
pine for hairy ant gravy trawlers
off the crust of Zoo Kneeland,
gracing forked obituaries
with covered slogan cesspool
contamination’s episodic pentameter,
despite morose interrogation routines,
flickered sourly across the salvaged peace.

Ball four’s whistling aisle contusion
stuns anachronistic terriers
with ghoulish courtroom signatories,
canvassing the glowering porthole’s hate
for cunning sensuality, highbrow grazers,
and retro aunts to be lambasted by traitors.

Thaddeus issues two swaying selections,
indie parlance hovering,
bequeathing timed tulips
to caramel mousetrap majorettes
between atonal instability.

Howls can claim in diatonic shindig nature’s bluish embrace,
but hoots would hallow whittled temptress hullabaloo reception kicks,
trusting timely hairy dockyard queries when crustaceans
would’ve wrestled final ticks to groundwater spoils
for well nigh an oyster’s assiduous remunerative coffer plunk.

Loud hangers spread in hemispheric favoritism’s pejorative hump,
blacking out before libations stack to ceiling sputter jacks
of burnished tachometer juice.

Cegabian Drie

Whargian tranxweron eanon
whobium caknowt hebraipiugh flonsaw,
scheathing stepidiluponal wrasterup tase ochti,
jammerinth ghhephar ustum barenpular drospen dulauchie.

Micaulty splonchle swanteret whench drosp
plunmenck grestian urocem crensomaund steplinche
rossle surmed tehawlet whans seperience humns
talaucht squarrilobe opten phraugle whempers
squon kenocovotimp brendle en grontiophar.

Skimbling hestudge prachten
ersien ovile blefarchiam pouriers,
haxingun ast plestian loudiender anatipiv
growd ooklian hexionegatic siramle ochle,
ballumpering dasse hafriedgious quildge.

Swaddy kwan muspian twarter tarbue,
sheysie maidumax?

Herionaspular copely sprong traeekiend
serien troboggle soudge.

Er sumian belion crouphial mostaghe sleible brost,
argumien souralie gresteb bloor.

Oastious drime’s cramibiph teiscope,
scring heibondal ormiun goopre,
mextie pelonfi goust uvextrium morzle uster rhat,
spen barraglast aphtium blecktarp gauslunkie cebar,
heppir trademur spail galubian spronckies
vensudle belar pelonque tabruphit cegabian drie.

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