Monday, February 17, 2014

6 poems || Felino A. Soriano

from antiphonies & spectrums

query this notion of believable self-understanding

what exists beneath the stone’s
coldest morning belly, —an antonymic
          of untouched language, the soil
of momentary one-dimensional syllables, an
etch or compression of impressionistic


among the flourish-extract(ers), the actors
acting upon a whole cyclic unsettling
through yank of/
from foundational yen, your softness of birth
has dissipated into contouring figments of inter
woven juxtapositions: gift(s), you see?  my sedentary
unseeing is scented relevance amid missing cushioned
ballerina twirls within oval hands this
wind, this wind of tissue clarification
covers an eye of personal preference
with fathoms unobstructed, causational
focus into architecting absence, and
subsequent unneeded desire to focal-alarm
the body toward caring, caring
pluralized dynamic

alternating realizations music shifts its tonal definition

this owl’s trumpet, patina serenades
in graying fulcrums, elder sounds
warm in their welcoming
        notations, communicating
anthems within splayed angles of
air’s vulnerable
and this clarity’s burgeoning
rope attaches, attains in
the capturing habit of
continuous aggregations, wandering
watch and wonder-wander
where yellowed vision
the motivated sequences of
warming frictions this
evening portends as
summer’s splanchnic


trepidation            music/less
                       moments preceding death or/an
slicing silence of death’s enumerative

new morning

this viewable vantage: mother
dons her
          daughter’s innate smile
near where the wrist of her desire
bends into the birthplace of pivoting cradle, this
watching finds flame in flickering devotion, desirous
to origami otherness, recreating-from
stale state of isolated freedoms and
an optical fluency rotates perspective
into rational provisions of
functional considerations

Of internal recreations of differing perceptions

nuances cannot predefine through
their optimistic revolutions                         their
contagious movements into
respelling dangling
mischief of disconnected                             parallels
and misleading truths of
cultural                                                       infatuations

letters lead toward the prolific goal of
gossip’s trending manipulation?—

with gradating experiences
synonyms rename
concrete fathoms
advised in the totality
summations guarantee as
gain and fluctuating presences
of conversational facets . . .

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