Saturday, December 24, 2016

poem || Lawrence Upton

and sails upon that subject
and looks at me

her skin's a circle
breaks logic
is a feeling of urgency

going to smash the white wall

smell of the tree brushing space
to break the door down

an innermost room
can be a crack in a circle

jests at the sentence

it off the road

speak in your life
sit in your own punctuation
a crack in the middle of heaven would not solve

be uttered unformatted
in the population
an economic infrastructure

perception has a violent motion
mumbling no answer
it's almost empty with a pause

between two figures how stands the mouth now?

separate a head to utter itself?

two halves of the country

by paragraph breaks?

became physically weak
she was! she speaks

and sails upon that subject
and looks at me

understanding darkness
when lights flicker in
is muttering no answer

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