Thursday, December 8, 2016

3 poems || Vernon Frazer

Dreaming the Heat to Wake

fire scent season 
evokes thrills of first breath


exaltation software escalates
the armada’s drift to recollection

memory stars a lost compass


wander lines parse love
a lark of shuddered longing 
yet the season sings mad

music birdsong light 
and squawk a morning dial 
turning oak louder

their words attempt to wake


fibrous necessity ripens
a scent no rarity usurps 
wandering spirits heard

a season grown random
left its dreaming essence


flattering music 
pleases a broiled desire tray

with naked platitudes


dreams ascend 
as minute-hand smoke

a blank page 
exhales narrative defection 

 Language on the Course 

      word emporiums 
caddy bagels miss control 

     intrepid clatter      boom boom
the vocal rogue worn  shatter currency
magical definition 

no stagger filter elicits wires only 

slipping a classics grudge 
buttons best before  faded             (profit)
catacombs fretting forever
          (worn decimal miles)
the latitudes  
slow pork locus left port 
                                  mentor alongside 

cargo peaks 
a stolen rehearsal ratio      gone

     habits their revenge
     a binary whitewash 

the fetal repentance 
     manipulated the dream 
          lacing gargoyle choir pockets 
templates bartered 

not the sly outplay 
empty repentance        rehearsal 

      to play a well-bent lecture frenzy

Delivering the Music

the postmark that got away
replied no sending firm attached
or matter
               to the subway
     stationed             at last roll
           blithely to oblivion


aiming at the train stop
no message            detached
 ambience in card charade

   patio affirmation        a reflux insurgent
no aromatic emblem           attacked
                                    the gastric epitome 


no disincentive        urgently packing
                       to stay

              a                  while
          packet             surges
          ahead              destroying
            the track 
                          least afforded


reaching digestive entropy 
the rage in the gut dispersing

lettered pages 
of leather intention

     silver studs 
     left there for the beating to dry
           the hand played
the frayed cuffs
      melody          cleverly left
                   as origin

   and destination

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