Thursday, December 8, 2016

3 poems || John Pursch

Half-Hour Affair

Slackened fling 
in slyly flexing 
appetite perdition face 
of outsourced being. 

Panties bite my underarm 
with axle hive impeller belt 
teasing skinny highway chain 
beneath diurnal swarm.


Anthropoids emerge in topiary paste.
Owls emit a freckled melba. 
Flowers film at forty furlongs. 
Choice corrodes to limpid keyhole.

Tungsten Tomboy

Quirky piebald tonic quaffing 
laggard galleon glowing temptress
longing frothy tankard Taser 
taunting cosmic static charging 
clockwise time tomato teething 
tungsten trampoline.

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