Monday, February 15, 2016

text || Edward Nichols

         Raught sinled.  Sought mingled.Treyclayed.Overshot.  Drekmore blutted.bleatly. 
L-i-gh-t-l-y   tranduced    quagmire- juice freymoth a  slightly.  Bent  vesgios  of    
                                                                                                                         Nigh  freymoth
Portrol   Pluckenstock twas   inventoried  :Flodgering   How'd   birds The mirror range the prince apple  of  the  air. 
Wagner-  Ungorshedly pleating a shuarte for wereing.
Dr.Dent- Demlonushed     dley  clightly   expendutine   uksploded   in   a   puffiness   of   smoke, 
Wagner-I'd  wish    cudd halves  seems   that, maybe   another  time
SYNCHROCYCLOTRON     SSubjective   disorder  waters the eye of the  emerald.     slodge  gush
pureiah  valvagated salviagated Crunch stares at  its' own  stare trastatidecated.
        Plop  Aiz VerySuspendicious  Unseen spuriously  penched crollettes prumenodded thru the landscape.Tenafic tresslley    aye   gents fluttered around the  explunatort.
         Lowsome  Groggcholdrene /\/\/9\9 Blottencarded Borch 

Rodent escrapadesrake the walls   of   insinsinsinuation  Widthal beclauses a       sprengature   of    torrents of   iideas floods Vanalcausted   of   emptying

NECKCROWFEELYA   $     6%%%%%%%()U@@@@@@.AKla999ZZz ::::::TACET.

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