Monday, February 15, 2016

poem || Scott Thomas Outlar

Ask Not

Hyped up for the hyperbolic chamber of commerce data stream reenactment ceremonial procedure to commence in full-fledged abbreviation of canceled out calcification inside the glandular obsolescence of a chakra system pinpointed in the haystack fever as pollen flows swiftly from tree limb hallucinations before going nighty-night and collapsing into sordid dreams about tomorrow’s full course meal plan.
Broken bones and turnip songs clash mightily on the edge of a falsified precipice to once and for all find out which of these dangerous concepts has the most oomph behind their boisterous grandiosity of narcissistic braggadocio and which is just whistling Dixie and talking smack that can’t be justifiably backed up.

Gang warfare junkies mount a last ditch comeback on the dilapidated city streets as urbanized ghetto structures of yesteryear collapse to the ground all around in a heap of mournful incongruence.

Pug nosed, pig faced, tick infested, Lyme diseased, acne plagued, pimple scarred, hair lipped, crazy eyed, soulless scoundrels squint at the burning sun and fire off racist rants toward the sky as their ugly sins are brought to light in a red blaze inferno of furious glory.

Why? Toward what purpose? Don’t ask questions. Just flow to the rhythm of the wild-natured insanity as it drifts chaotically from the stream of unknown conscious inhibitions. A masterpiece theater of rotten egg sucking scumbag disillusion. Bravado on the stage as it clutters up with prissy pop culture references and out-of-date second century stories of snow-capped hills and soldiers of misfortune in the failed utopia of socialized sleaze. Catch the gentle breeze and sell out for a scant cent when the dough is done cooking in the oven. Inflationary tactics of a tortured institution get the thumbs down signal in the coliseum when the show is deemed unworthy to continue. Fat lady singing her low note symphony rides out on a chariot of bronze as the template turns over and all hope is lost to the utter darkness of an empire in free fall.

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