Monday, February 22, 2016

5 poems || Vernon Frazer

One Way Mirrored

thematic diaphragm
          left in the cleft bucket surging
                    epaulettes on the pragmatic

vintage` latent
billionaire vignette   surcharge
balloon                                            vigor
for a canned filibuster
    no     aching at the margin
 pillar ascribed       contextual dismay
     circuit   charger         burst
                described                      insolent

         fire through the foreworn dwelling


no scheme left pillar climb
a room unhatched the rooftop
    under the piling

left empty guests churning the vacancy pit

     turning the spittoon roast
     to the scalawag vexation bluster

    borrowed thematics 
           burning a non-issue 

the cost a rigor flask 
left behind the epithet burner

the thread
 of an elite montage


questions left unasked
received no furthering
     at most  an empty
 declaration                designation

left its context

     eventual displays chart
          swelling the new task
        before asking whether

empathy snatchers enlarge their bluster stake

 Cold Showering

allow quickened weekdays 
hatchway grinder boat wet labor

     its vain skyline
     lost cohort thongs

rendezvous crevice trademarks

splotched self-starters 
barred generality implosions

     scrotal reflux thickening
     untold backcloth phylum

varied gin machetes
                crying weekdays

crowded foreground clashing
break-in monotones fashioned

     detergent fat
     garners medication liners

pure from seminal additions
rooster passageways limber
fingerprint indiscretions cast 
while breaking the frozen whirlpool threshold

Learning an Old Lesson

wilderness reports weather
unknown sightings whenever
a distant land turned interior
or feral as the nightwatch 
glows emphatic passage rites 
inured to sweat or leaving dawn
before the red comes slowly
rising on a breath entanglement
conundrum flurries while the tempo 
watches arrivals time departure frenzies
leathered expressions darken satchels
pages to game good vandal rages
played inferior composition reams
dazzling on paper not in praxis
left unkept as theorem polish
righting on the water's dredged side
no interest current past shallow
burning mindless passion churned
visceral ambitions turned missionary
as pure position screwed to assure
hologrammatical fashion retorts
whenever inversion strike urges 
righting the ballast tipped its aside
a comic release to unmentioned
particle vipers lack molting swagger
revelations blind the light with
a nightly via negativa fantasia
sex endowed the power rack smelting
beyond the irons of Sumer West
a geography of ore short on folklore
derided the later stages of its demise
their legends go awry in the fielding
awards ceremonial rioting passage
fluent amber succulence grown
limber dancing the darkened light
alluvial rapture streams fork twice
against the organ's wind shriek
cold against the spring's lurid rumor
the runners passed as ammunition
among the border stories crossing
truths when fiction meets the line
milking paradise of metaphor mix
and the circular charm amenities
gathered to shore the sorrow fixates
a link of shame to past inhabitants
where the fueling imprecation flights
churned mustard in filial rumination
left festering dosage learning swerves
direction to equal optic severance
a play whose diction refines meaning
on stilts or bearing up weather candy
while dilettante refusal meat centers
opprobrium returns on a level sled
worn shedding a learning experiment
worth forgetting with irreverent details

Deadening Repetition

the sides of music 
happened quickly 

when the news 
reached residing purposes
and held fast, 

boasting the most 
magnificent city atmosphere.

To allow disclaimers 
passed over frantic coatsleeve 
orders. As loud

as allegro live, 
roared the mark on their proper 

and hurried away, 
regurgitation inquest coming.

Off the Clock

time hands
bloodless as pineal rapture

  breathing a carapace
  presence scratching

         a modular climb 
         stairing the well
         through a curve

ending at its level facing


no clarity 
        to moss infection
                                    filtered down 
    gumshare       gave     time
     animus to   spread
    atrium clocks

echo chimes
or canned luxury atoms
no expiration date

     to crest
     against a tithing shore

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