Monday, November 23, 2015

poetry || Texas Fontanella

viation, it invit s biologic
de formation of privilege
s b,ut wit  out. It enclose
onception that avoids  re
criminatio , fron t  he dis
tinctures and re la tionsh
ips they ideal o(r)gy mas
que(  )ra         ding as sci
lence I w.ill demonstrate
he  heteronormatively en
coded   in every cell)at
pre cis e ly the mo   ment
that all of this  is in crisis
we opt  fort e n ext sexit

imitative, the one difference between us
&(sys)them.    [n]o [y]ou [h]ere [this]
transgenre inconti                        vention
s l a n g u a ge as a, the,      means of pro
duction, psych                              ological
realT y,                                  are you able
ism to                                         do t  hat?

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