Monday, November 23, 2015

2 pomes || billy bob beamer

If I   Gour  met acci dent p/\o   runne
Th/o lush     Ani      crash  /s[ght
li /on p[uh] might use a somewhited
,then, histord[u]d plume
Pulse. urch ve
R ake.
hu/’\ ort   crah cho k or
menth st-r asper.qui
ingesine depnlte sa
plied aw
eEqUi /Li|
flushu b~
m r
pers n.rachstos, pai nal liste dipnatad.wals
eir looms~sooky
*3 times and fade
POMEnotes fr. Pocketsleep
tendentious nestle
entious nestl
scummiest exhaustion
ver  balized sloth
moireau burn -|iest
catechized critique

dudunction whistle
beget wager lookey
cozen grazing willikers
lothep sleep of deng slea
inveigled ninetieth malgra

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