Tuesday, November 10, 2015

3 pomes || billy bob beamer

POME from pocketsleep
…the foregoing tonguefis h might be invaluable hereto forthetearful wilderness spilled sout
dreaming details hysterical popcorn spokane of onfish red and ether in another the string moves
one bit the wrench holds thenthis a macabre quince flap foamyto impress expells dark
night trees to offer a null mass a doubtful worm alert thenthat forgone a a labored crooked hill
hammer tow and peep the scrawny moalis swoons a fortnight brassy ones collar’d zephyrs gratis
orange warn yarn expulsionsandthis performance in puceglue thisnight of the rhetorical nippiness and  swanky

O[lor s]it a[ m]e
M[al s]ua[da li]b
Er[o, s]it a[me]t.
Mo[rb]i t ris[t   qu[e].
Hu[skin]gs al[la cla]t
Te[rpr]uo[ck h a]lt en[im.
Ur]us le[ctu]r   p[iscin]
An[u]rn  [ro]s   aq[ui]s
Co[m]mod[o vis]ta[mag
Us]c[e e]s[t. ]
No[n]um[my ]pe[de.][]

1.   campfrog
2.   amuse nine
3.   leap exultant punch
4.   /art
9.   opposite
10.         various
11.         obscene
12.         scandels

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