Saturday, June 27, 2015

text || Lawrence Upton

all saying the same thing

for many voices]

a code for reconciliation

are all saying the same thing

they have written
within social being
co opted
towards perpetuation

we plunge into
pungent imagery

quality depth
liked                      linked

finally croaks

national text

will no longer exist
in land god-given

specific politics behind
the country
seems to group
to unsubscribe
to mix a love potion
behind tangled strands of snipers
this group text
behind the hope
this opposition

receive the object

they have you
fissured guts and themes
the car veers off
mock shame

in a revolutionary condition
feelings predominate
war crimes perpetrators are reported
forensic experts nodding their heads graveward

I am not to say
any opposition
is a deep breath
and loop still


many in power
with its secret
rolled up around myself
in the script
for independence in the world

I heard this
did I think “mine”?
too big enough of government
but a love
in sensitive zones
in the interests of the ear
will inhale
time which is not dead

seen before
in the interests
where it ever existed
if anywhere

god evaporates
car veers off the bridge
deep regret team playing dead

I am sure I forgot to start a sudden gush
the opponent hits words in death
closes burst guts loom and criss-cross
horizon of reconciliation
dead playing dead deep
no argument
streaks of nomads
texts including fists
bare knees
no rational argument
never existed
too big for all
hum to start anew
independence implied
that precludes a high price
are you still in?
say quickly
formatting tears
too big enough
break out the nightmares
go away

is now the word?
yesterday’s information
prospering because of god

belong in a recent statement

I am sure I am sure I am sure I ingest a dead sea
floating on a gush of menstrual blood
I am sure
I am not to be passing
a sign?
song is a sign
that was this afternoon

murder with low self esteem

were you many in death?

want they have written in heat and dust

it is just as the government

war at war

user nouns & verbs

arrange this chunk of words

in order & surveillance

eye stuff


written in the cramped unravelling

catheter up the dead of your use

national assimilation

reconciliation is the reconciliation market

prospering because god gave them this land

metallic taste of the conciliation

must see once

substantial snipers

to control all saying

to receive the old news

my tongue like to smite their enemies

that was implied

some selected -



at bed?

did I remember?

any opposition is blasphemous

puddle of crooked time

timeless sense of no time

this night had already shut

stumble over the sands of all of the politics

script for that?

dumb text of dung

no longer exists

create tensions

a universe of nothing

must be passing... who is I am sure I forgot to receive

not to be passing

god permits it to engulf the government

ear wrecked opposed by the world

emergency short circuit

read success true

tongue instigates nasty habits

it is style

intelligent individuals working hard

intelligent individuals working



a code for reconciliation -

markets -

are all saying the same thing

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