Tuesday, June 9, 2015

3 poems || John Pursch

Embezzled by Loud Fish
All cardigans
may prove to be
tubular nunneries
in discursive geysers,
cradling asphalt pelicans
in palmistry’s swaddling
hominy crates,
assuming flashy axe men
don’t moon the voyeuristic
Mafioso’s tea server
before atonal pop stars
enjoy a fractured gesture
of dosage droves.

Not to pan for
impulsive wattage,
bulbous loops chip away
at pedestals of nubile
worming extradited
militia pox from castor oil,
embezzled by loud fish.

Scrimping on Plaid

Heaving to
bestial landmarks,
Styrofoam matrons
martyr crimson lipids,
limiting sartorial mavens
to concupiscent car doors.

Cubist ovaries combine
flossed gills to traipse
aground in gales befitting
pseudonymous cretins.

Wet suitors defang
a rusting tibia for
hobnail ramparts,
glowing with
traditional bleats.

Parables of cheetah breath
imbibe a racecar pleat,
scrimping on plaid.

The Softly Gelatinous Pier

Blocked scanners sniff
for mule-scream placards
of demonstrably frozen waste,
tipping torpedoed chimps in
valet haven sackcloth grey,
Crayola’s latest banished collarbone.

Hashing outer issues into fine sand,
leeward porticoes gently sell
assumption fog to campers by
the oratorical plover’s hyena gist,
sipping cheese and armory wax
in funneled donut clout.

She sits astride
a yawning stagecoach oven,
wafting in the smell
of humid expatriates,
sweetly singed by lullabies
of whalebone screeds
and criminal neglect,
seeding Chaldean overtones
in publican retorts.

Phylogeny excretes dumbbells
for sacrificial egress motes,
poshly reporting on monkey soup
beyond the softly gelatinous pier.

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