Tuesday, March 3, 2015

poetry || Scott Thomas Outlar

Excerpt from One Hundred Poetic Points

Point number sixty

To capture the beauty of the moment is to breathe with empty lungs, willing to be filled with what they do not have.  To hold onto any one breath is to suffocate, for every used moment becomes stale and insufficient.  We must not hold to the past, but instead constantly taste the air of the present.

Point number sixty-one

A dance and a song?  As feet lift off the ground, one at a time or both, and the voice leaves the body…the spirit becomes lighter for the celebration.

Point number sixty-two

All the words in the (language) world mean nothing if they are not understood (connects).

Point number sixty-three

Some would say (I have heard them) that the pain felt when tilting the head back to cast one's eyes toward the sky (speak) is what makes it all real.  I look (of) to find the joy (wrath) in that.

Point number sixty-four

The sound continues to be so intensely beautiful, albeit strange and wonderful, while hot and ringing, changing, focusing, piercing and evolving, singing and overcoming.

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