Tuesday, March 24, 2015

poem || Lawrence Upton

clusters of eyes


  clusters of eyes from nowhere
 compensations for pink

 white  white  white  white  white
 one time   too too many

 bright teeth and fillings

     battered shirt  
hatless in muddy hea
through and through
routine of a knowing head

    outcry seen dead

   talking so you'd say
 he's too forward      
how he bought a king Off

        informed heresies following her out of sight

  centuries marked by dirt
in suspension
circling the waste-pipe entrance
     manners of matter

  invention stops
  plump chickens fill the museums
   an every day empire
of agricultural equipment from coast to coast
    all the fighters in the world
take off to sort out a force alarum

     handmade worlds of artefact
     dust clouds
Beethoven recordings

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