Tuesday, March 17, 2015

poem || Lawrence Upton

white bread accents


¿what do you come to?
their white bread accents

drive everywhere
but a sheet of paper

evasive stricture
¿why the nervous clatter?

suggestive for a century

or your words and illustrations will not grow back

architectural wonder
should have rested hopefully
by human voice
and so on

untidily my aim is to be influential he says
over the head with any of what is called country

punctuation to come
would rather it were cities

and then very slowly roll over to die like a self

i thought you understood
we are all alone

I am arranged
I have my defences
where only those literary marks
which is a part of their properties
the living trees go

he was trying to speak
keeping his own shit

he flew upside down
pre election
yes to save traditional signs
wavers beside mild mannered wishes
re erection

kill the finest
strong animals
you have rested hopefully

says police will get him
ducking under the blow that speaks
says police
will get him
fully says
out of date
says more
interested in paradise
fully says
out of date says
more interested in the equals sign
more interested in
paradise has shifted
as screams at all
the woods

the woods the lakes
and hurtled on
make after sun
and made no attempt to go
you come
to come back
for cities and deserts
and an amount of narrative

and salt

and verso of mud
and participants
are two sides
of which
is a map
till formation
buried in rock
the cows within intently
but a copy thereof
which is famous for it

bird song

wind at the new going in
tourists drive by
the binding strength
it is essential
for the first attraction

new trees

photos as get physical
the matter squawking back
crowded underground

too esoteric
says our troubles

says police
will get to wait a longer time
than time

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