Friday, January 16, 2015

text || Lawrence Upton

We heard of discussing ceremonies


who wishing?

riches entered
memory is

slight alterations change basic meaning

a new world
slowly twists the form of itself
becomes an important part
of meaninglessness!

begin with a question
that adheres
to this presumption

what a phallus!

on this message is that page

attachments to work
in formalities 

farmers click wild specimen lives
immortality persons
though the interface changes

form to meditate
upon today's privileged beauty

but change the ear

we make these words
all of which are written
in other sense

another sense

this means that it was interesting
to do so

sacrifice of the cosmic father
 went manic

basic meaning can be anything

you want to call the poetic
quality of pleasant hours?

the continuance of their style
is the substitute of the air
the continuance of self-challenge
the extreme border of life
the opposite direction
can edit your reminder

the head is that we get the meaning
can regain certain positions of the sign
renders blind immortality

signs are equal to mythical thought
in an historical frame of immortality
the seer is easier to remember
unsubscribe if you'd like your reminder

the sexual activity of the elite 
if you'd like that theme

memory suffers from messages
lifestyle in reality

creation is created in another sense

entertaining and frenetic
a temporary heat
a historical frame
and who touched the story?

he was pressed


this means that now

wish me think of their style
its formal history
the blind privileged beauty of the Christians
the legs apart on the head


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