Friday, January 23, 2015

2 poems || John Pursch

Forgeries of Wheat

Glamor fades to freight derailment,
pulling cabled cigarettes through
pasteurized shellac recruiters,
chewing pumice moat betrayal 
feedings dipped in tarpaulin
instructor shin guard dents from
world-worn sextant sputtering.

Salivary salt mutations hop ahead
of gnarly clever body tenders,
multiplying dryly posited impalas
for the Queen of Senile Gypsum 
Fixative Reagent’s crammed
indentured salutary weeping dome,
scoured hourly for exploding fleas.

Dour heaps of earring puncture
iliac rotation slop evoke a curious
Rococo Quaker’s painted climate muddle,
flogging paradigmatic step bladders
till fluid pulp sedates interrogated 
lackeys without stiffing a bulky sultan’s
secondhand proprietress,
despite her sumptuously redolent 
mocha musk gyration cheese detector’s
sentient portrayal of proprietary glee.

Fortune hooks a lighter
training gam on bolide chalk,
besetting whiskered cameras
with forgeries of wheat, 
believing submarines between
a porthole’s inky symptomatic
flagrancies of scrubbing motion.

Proxy Trailer Steam

Grasping shoreline tears in
bioflavenoid invention pavement cures,
mandibles deflate cohabitating jelly rolls
with pinafore exclusion crosses,
humped by every funny monthly curtsey’s
intermittent reputation sump
at half-bashed dues delay’s 
eminently dusted kestrel,
flown into bobbled crockery.

Clearing encephalic weeds
from laundry frontage toady sills,
slimy jungle homunculi hug 
igloo chimpanzee promoters,
splaying feinting editorial debunkers
in proud skyline whines, 
framed for inner gurney
mistletoe engrossment vendors,
flossed surreptitiously in
stripped gall placemat adder fever.

General perusal pluckers plop
a plumped infarcted sponge 
in Punic wading duty’s
finely thrown lysergic avenue
of reckoned seasoning or
reigning Oreo ablutions, 
starkly licked amid
free clover guards of tissue
barriers in queerly oblong
atavism’s alleyway of cutlery
and cursing foundry curry hoarders.

Skullcap reason risks elopement
proxy trailer steam believers underfoot,
gushing unisex curtailment ponds in 
sensate duffle registers of entrée sway
and porphyry for humble teatime hemp.

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