Monday, January 12, 2015

2 pomes || billy bob beamer

POMEforpeterganick12 lines


 W[oel]ve]rk them[ss, ]

thau[st t j ]ey’ thr[e

 Vario]n s oti[ain t]hin cert[angs,

cer]ta]es  oi[n  th]eme[s or n]a m

 Ma[e b acbl]dy goin[ m oth I’] atualyt

 thsa[e and dime ti[mdn’t re]e ali ze  it.

o hav ]s fa coue i[dea I ]al sp le[ o  f ]or

lon]cts thag[er pr]oje[t i [to m I] just h[avhad] ten’t e

 Dobe, on[st remi ]them embering [pre of—] juin[ose n]g thgs

 and ]wrply as pose toitssible in proin[g them] do[wn    as ]s[im

 Snemb rem[emore tab]n I thoughm h[er t I coee if I cauld remer
sh r tpo]u[red[]di[e[

le]mo[n  siz]edo[wn

Ca[utio]nar[y  flug]el

An]db’s  tre[a flo]rn a

Twi[nste]d     orw[ds

lif[e. t~ ]no[   i  r

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