Wednesday, December 3, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

The last day, a prologue


aesthetic sympathies
mumming epicurean longing

life in no official justice

unity of exaggeration
mechanistic development

synonymous manipulation
in greedinesses of new passion

calling out
link by link
to realise danger
frustrated by sub-plot function

recurrence of action

throwback of opening appearance

appearance crack up

recrudescence of breakdown

such belief elaborates
even artificial objects

animistic poetic ascription

intimate characters beyond conventional fetish

sadness incognito

culmination in hopelessness

idiosyncratic sequence

causation reformulating action

unity of affect

persistent remains             beyond meditation

evidently the universe

awareness reproaches blaming
turning to consolation
of progress
forces dooming to engage jeopardy

deserves this morning the implication
response of the elements cluster

everyone else is busy

the field's pushed peculiar never threatening
a lot of the others over stocked

chain of new blood
into gigantic comfort
and you're free
man of the field
a yawn pushing for the army

we could shorten everything

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