Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2 poems || John Pursch

Cream Puff Larks

Stored waders glance 
from swords to spiny 
newcomer crumble kits, 
suturing two gathered knees 
to conning flour canasta victims, 
pressed toward encrypted masthead hips 
by dance hall crow dementia’s 
flurrying hourglass pronation module. 

Hats worm torqued 
swayback water paws 
to hexing spawn cream puff larks, 
coddling flocked grog implosion 
vixen feeders with insidiously 
punctured ventral semolina 
racetrack fits of histrionic 
stereotypes, aphids on etheric laps, 
and crenellated bicycle tents.

Playpen Cocktail Panic

Gnawing ateliers from
sumptuously verdant reality jowls,
piers defect to creature fumes
of tangled fairground luminaries,
holding foul assonance
for cottage spandex credo tongues
on prolix decimation galley cruise
eschewal motes.

Split sea poop deck telegraphs survive
in prolonged sanguine leather sheen,
golfing inventory ration cores
to feathered mammal
prayer duct consequences,
humbling seven treasonous debunkers
with shiny hands.

Cemented notions sate
theosophic fitness preeners
on courtside dalliance betrayal’s
virulent nuance of nonchalance
and feral oozing gator grip
from tooth-line mystic plethora
to boomtown sonar ichthyology,
pinning traumatic swine
to playpen cocktail panic.

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