Saturday, December 20, 2014

poem || Brandon Theis


Separate lighthouses blink synchronized, factory tilled bludgeon parameters, limiting sequences to pool creep, sleep state microcosms, blanching excrement in tiled halls. Holistic mind camps cramp constraint factor three, district principals drift, daft teeth clenched.

Slime galleons gallop slow motion trigger fingers, emote quiz sanctioned epochs, slipped plump quill: drilling nano-hopes deeper still, forked horde mutants pour sours on the hour. Honest brokers broken on tokens of false potions. The alchemy stops here. Trout manglers, wardens of the wait and placation. Apply within.

Somber shrapnel tanked on the tranquil, fraught harder, harsher breathing rites, divine insights but fictions` vicious visions, humbled replicators bemuse with flirty minds, scorned in bitter fibre. Transferred malignancies prop power poorly, drop dowry, flower fouled asymmetric Lent, hell bent on ass factor nines, blackened soul of lustre parallax. Looming shrewd lawyers lean heavy, lightning round bound to real time cloaked muffin dewars, masked with zebra colored spices.

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