Sunday, May 25, 2014

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

D |smet sile wure ,ws’ he9 dineam) Steuf Ol  , 13:
·         e sudas Natly dradfed of hIt de-e. (eson, SnT-reams”)7.22. Cnuh
·         er biRUng Ri eBn Eab”) sobyerT I irStoeald.flp the f0ierBman’s smile
 on three (, “LoFviarsrembe h ol of Ln anSded le0ep” .B.Irktiss cahe p-fuon  , 
tral fyourioll bird? Fr doH re tubt n.te w-cralencaed bem .st (Baw? Ri-s de. saChom 
s saxicolus   O  corunataimp  usufruct. 
  OOOstat-nes o--f hahez/\renpasaa ) i.esey tr i g,
 “n o spotivnrts, / smanorgee in teritual Hefloam
Ann|nde”) , for sathe last is wett.Anoke thims, A Ful rg Eie Upon 
the of, col--ed incted in Seas SpiO. (Thos thutue g woe Calegell 
saster! (Eriroc Macy, “Been at the Piano”) 
 hu mgil

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