Friday, May 30, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Wheedle We Woe

“Eye clambake insight flora wile,”
Lola confides to conciliatory lobot
eustachian beauty, comically low catered
undie coroner of Groin Zorro hand
Madhatter Bullyfart.

“Goon, melt he S’mores,”
the autonomic listener cajoles,
her baby bluesy sigh sprockets sloping into
quiet vivid loops of shelf-leash tree guard.

“Wheedle, lamb he she…” Lola cons tenuously.
“Shame dimes eye wander water antsy tangy doe
his swarthy hits waitin’ cold, heart cache,”
her taut steepening.

“Chess, oui hall flail tad whey flung thyme two dime,”
the reconciling bot comingles. “Dishes sortin’ airy doubt,
snot who tarry bull.”

“Shoer, sigh no tat merry vile,” Lola argrees.
“Pet tummy shines heat’s more tan chesty
pausing funky; tam shinnies hat guts sway otter contrail,
tether punt weir icon hot toil or ate heat undie lung her,
swarthy doubt hex tends bay hound tea fizzy call, toothy
spear etch hall, crushing mighty quash ton sweater
cod heaven glistens due handy drink high tinker
bray oar Imogene oar…”

Lola finely hut breaches die hard off theme adder;
her phases floss rupee-read, breeding wit
pore spire rations.

Queerly dime forth aloe bot two-step in.

“Whale, while, wheedle we woe;
waddle weave hear’s hay ferric leer
quay shove hover work. Nut hinge two spurious,
nod sew heart who shelve… Slam he tinker…”
handy lobot wench sin two Hadoop drink,
hits sighs clothed.

Full Blouse Highs

“Plod drone lad tat desk her age jaw,”
MM-77 advises, chucking Matt asunder
his chimpy chimney chin.

He smiled chesty pit, eyes glazing skylight,
scorching fur Mrs. Bootyguard (alias Joan
Beauregard), witness extraordinaire,
hand well-sanded oil can vendor chimpion
hefty Southeast Aphasiatic quintet,
nod to menthol her unspeakable hobbit
of flailing at noodles inner stray hack.

“Cha-cha, weed’ll blest watch de sunset
whilst oui clan, storing mammaries of
shamanic delight in hour derailed grains
of braying emitters, what be cramped
pie-tween hour pewter-filled ears in
hearsay heresy’s penned bullet mate
malaise of corn-cocked shucksters hand
foil-strop insignia prawns,” sighed LL-52,
framing tea blogged pixel from one lobotic
fistula to Andy Otter (a generic facemask).

“Hit’s stout guff, La-La-Laudanum, mired
flavorite schism, chapped shifty hauled splotch,”
Bahama argreed, winking nun-two-soupily had
LL-52’s strongly strung-in hound booby
full blouse highs.

Manly a mensch what had tired hand flailed,
tempting to devoid stairwell peeping drown hearse
hellaciously outfitted buxom hex terrier.

Hind eat, virtually new when in handy huff
tea civil-eyed whirleds noun to papal hove
plaudit Dearth could menage a’ trophy
sledge haw feet.

Hunt Hue Avenue
Hay fume Inuits slate oar,
day opined sallow lea,
pewter-filled hand styrene.

Halting wile, Lola swayed patently,
comfy dent data conciliation bot hash clam,
ghoul, and selected ash dish wood half know
prawn blem shelving hurdle Emma.

Hand she wash rite.

“Slam he sea…” die lobot begat.
“Chess, off curse, hit’s show sample,
shoed assigned heat schlong ague;
swell had sleet tree oar fore minuets hag oh.”

Lola’s sprites improvised,
fear die foist dime indie hand-tied sin counter,
she hack jewel he’s mild.
“High foil sew match petter hall ratty,
Hunt Hue Avenue thief hand sat
waddle beam eye pendants!”

Die lobot adduce mile hat his.
“Chess, clad due ear hit…
Falling patter hull tread he!
Wander fuel! Hmmm…
Hen tat cache, year pendants swill pea…
a drip duty slant huff die dread,
hole hacks pence have bayed;
ground-drip drivel, huff scores.”

“Yippee!!! Slant huff tea dread!” Lola eggs claimed,
chomping how dove hear sheet hand droning
aground indicter ant height her shirk hills,
dill sheaf eye null he call apse a pond he flower.