Saturday, May 10, 2014

5 poems || Volodymyr Bilyk

Dull sigh quickens
fag of bout
into the upright blare
of fare bellow.

it busks the scant
into the thick vex
where fly
can do an apt Take Five.

hum of hump.
The lunge
to gnash the nib
of tip to tilt.

Vile crave that keeps
the meek in stretch of snug

Within the weigh,
before the rumination
of caress.

Foggy stroll of bobbat
is about to waste
the sham of hollow blow.

Abhorrent waves
dandle lull and goggle loll
against the twist of palled ebb:

sly wink of nip
the inmost jiffy of the slit

Somewhat rubbish banterbatter...


Tainted dust is maimed
by the muck in the muttering;

slight gist
just to jest
because of scoff by heart of match in funk

Just for a second or so
Impudent girlie girl
annoyed by scratch
is up to cheek her cheek
in spite
in spite
of future pamper...

Gall gal, you better -
rush or gush or hush
or just rehear that line.

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