Tuesday, December 3, 2013

text || Lawrence Upton

Frantic Text with whispers
for Chris Goode

words in round brackets are whispered by one or more performers
words not in round brackets will probably be spoken by another or others and “normally” rather than in a whisper but this can be discussed and negotiated by the performers – there should not be a direct change from whispering to fully audible speech by the same performer
fully audible speech should be read frantically but not amusingly
whispered speech should be calmly delivered
observe line ends
pause quite lengthily where there is a line break

(achievement) strip rivalry (assets) (beginning alarm)(beginning alert) (beginning frolicsome)
(bit eventuality) mite disorder(bread) (buck wheat)
(by-product) bit battle (by-product)

battle (by-product) piece point (cash) (consequence) (derivative) bit

(derivative) fragment contest (derivative) speck argument (derivative) strip rift (end result) fragment discord (end result) iota cloak (extravaganza) eventuality text (extravaganza) minutia elements (foreword alarm) (growth) minutia duel (improvement) piece struggle (morsel repercussion) fragment shroud (musical) end text (particle reverberation) minutia pandemonium (pickup) scrap warfare (reverberation) pinch camouflage (portion result) scrap privacy (portion reward)
chaos (production) dab matter (progress) morsel clash (shred end) morsel secrecy (stemming from) (yield) bit elements consequence words end argument

rim, fetish, moan, evoke wish, harm intolerable, direct or modified, quotation from erosion; my thumb of... timed by royalty, toy with neologism, edge bulk of thumb; nice bum nice bum, feeling of well-being but -turbid tatter, nice bum, art, offset, thumb, fabric, offshoot, thumb mandible, rim imbecile! nice bum? teatime! digression to toy with honeys, non-flammable trauma, that gyration norm, thaws fuck it! that did shade it, but it can no longer. look at method, night amazement.
for example, against wrought iron shopper aspen
new distorted remove aspen scrape a few cosmic poor
cash on delivery, aspen stingy, dysentery; tin can, pour creeks aspen ghastly rod pour neck aspen
have you read the regulations?
to do - ouch - a thing
rinse to
thumb method and not thumb
organ of hearing the proposed law
thumb method
any much hub doom not maim am to moan for chocolate, non-committal and unlikely toe textile had
working on thumb amulet umpire clutches hour am lyrical
blustering org rid
ovum ring thin airy at your leisure oh intention
any calms theme road
bum! no chance oh
weight tinkle it given my intention to continuum nor few run newspaper item theme passage
hardly an haunt
international monetary fund me v. large air incubus ovum rash urinal riches
virtual man at his damask in am bum conk mermaid attains gazing through thumb linden at a distant church
his hand claimed in hornet oh him in an attitude that might harm
anguish or aura
action rim again in hornet oh him
halo chandelier load thumb acrobat a minus calm arcing overlaid night a harm glyph oh additional do ionisation
another nominally or involuntarily to take to the road amassing roaring

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