Thursday, December 19, 2013

poetry || John Pursch

Hampsheakle Marphon

Whelk tipligiun chrochter,
hoggle merph cren outerembulon squotch
prenidumple trib erianstorphular miction prace,
exifreculossie proacian mentifluntal bariost grestular hebar;
escrudian rhonuth phroubog axionder garpot seldge.

Astripiut foredliump whestre,
egrephi surrestigiam hampsheakle marphon,
elst trodays hupte prastioche numnuctie hespie
greboncular phloian medion wharsle,
craib spetchumous pragian whonutz,
prubblin saizous heeze teflamiot keizian hobier dreimap,
flem saze taschoinien plarpie blastium puckets.

Chemed slumple,
bastie choriqui erstium ploudum oto,
cremdulum sequitorias phregorioc,
bescudding sodge doneguli ghousphre chefian hostir.

Whem eize pelied ron semptular
mistrokupham ghestiorat erister unt,
scremtin dront choine ugrantulur eschion proxmat,
nitched etwaizen cror seizle gistem ashineas osti heezle rup.

Humpty Teases Meat

Pinochle grows a tasseled nose of bonbon rifle banter, pressing digital Hessians in equestrian spadices of spackle bit ensemble bleats, cashing cinder chase can tendons into lawn sock sandwich hearing stampedes. Half lunge into elevated nature’s pendulous egg shell sloop, lacing silly moss with selfish gerunds gone cataleptic on a welded nautical standoff’s abutment charade.

Even so, you put wooden light bulb stockyard pleats before established misanthropic truncheon settee faith, all in flavored war-torn wonton empties, slugged with caption grease camp tuition foibles, welling when wanted pustules canter to tubular grass eaves of an oddly ecstatic nodal whole, perpetrating dugout canary peace in umbilical warehouse grubs. Bottled wheat withstands momentary hopscotch police, trading pacing kestrels for Dungeness pork spine huddles, culled to sallow frost in go-go contamination terms.

Humpty teases meat, high erosion skipping louvered haversacks of pronated jail, scoffing into ladder nuns and sexual aches. Pleurisy congeals, redacts an emulated soma for geriatric cave-in quoits, and drafts avuncular predation’s toenail skein, notched in tribal fire dimes. How could ham hover, hammered to trapezius tonic’s distended quake, only due to bubble with commotion bath in sentential corridors of martial loogies?

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