Wednesday, December 11, 2013

poem || Jeff Harrison

The John Milton of Charles Henri Ford‏

Over Eden to receive Their names of thee
Over many a tract Of Heav'n

Over sovran Reason claim'd Superior sway
Over this Lethean Sound

Over all the Plain, and wider far
Over equals to let Reign

Over their heads a crystal Firmament
Over lands with mutual wing easing their flight

Over the foaming deep high Archt, a bridge
Over this Gulf Impassable

Over the vast abrupt
Over all with unsucceeded power

Over all the face of Earth
Over his head beholds a dewy cloud

Over Adria to th' Hesperian Fields  
Over these a Mercy-seat of Gold

Over thy head return
Over the vext Abyss

Over free Reason
Over them triumphant Death his dart shook

Over all other creatures that possess Earth
Over the snowy plains

Over all his works
Over Heav'n inducing darkness --

wave, wave

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