Friday, November 29, 2013

poetry || John Pursch


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Whereabout Fugues

Orbiting florists pine for looping sages, rise to occasional Hollandaise, and warrant steep suction near relegated cranes. Augurs borrow bruised yarn from frenetic dyspeptics, primly assaying loincloth credentials, melting into inguinal urchins. Flaring herbivores trim postal sardines, harping on gargantuan boneyard wings, sponging loose lug nuts from malleable dishrag quotients. Gobs of fiord dust plop to basement bustline gobblers, fixing oglers to shirked tornado heads, sobbing behind dosed choirs. Shoreline insignias of bulletproof belief loop ‘round exposed corkscrew cadavers, inching down gelatinous mutiny’s tribal gunsight, doubled over in pseudopodal fits of spellbound filigree. Whitened deeds, bleached to boneyard pylons, thigh-deep in chattering marrow, harry our everyday sequestered trough of sterile ideation’s sudsy lesions, trending to flat lines. Specious smatterings of global meaning evaporate into statistical noise, cleaving to frontal pageantry, dancing down diurnal foxholes. Screw-cap antipasto chasers drown a logjam crony till boasting trysts encircle grown chancres, tying offal to sacerdotal linguini, cycling shirtsleeves into some mown apiary. Nether treason succumbs in factorial digression, scanning penciled hernias for nary a minstrel’s purely woven knapsack. Signatories waggle hands on idiomatic porches, swigging perspiration from planar juts, following theatre mongers in navel hose. Jargon goes unnoticed in notepad aural sweeper mode, dusting orange emotions with pine fodder. Detrital hubris sends declared elves to dormant iteration gazelles, squeezed to codices of plural barter’s highroad skewers. Shyly pasted chromium woes assert prayerful giggles in pewter moans, inching through soft eternal paperweights of freshly plowed rotary cavities, loving bedraggled lifers with choosy whereabout fugues. Flowing pants legs leach into hunger’s edgy media locale, haggling for hummingbird beacons. Sanguine Englishmen pester prevaricating punching bags till headway pelts the reprobate, bottling warped ciphers with stale glacine crews. Patented sheep finagle asocial ballroom gashes into spittle duration feet, scuppered pestilence noted in sharply modal canary boons. Harpsichord peelers desecrate finned derrieres with morsels of economic bacon, hocking glued Cartesians for pendular oases. Score sheets imply frugivorous return fleece, jimmying mellifluous coasters from slack-jawed cartwheel repairmen, mixing plums with bullion scabs. Caramel pardons crowned triplets, snaking musical caretakers through furiously prolix banshees. Alligator hips spin confidential cart souffles from saline hatchet engines, trued to crowned serration’s pious itch. Ceilings fit chest deep in chromium dupe arrays, fencing lingual intransigence from offal’s exoskeleton, overgrown with rice.

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