Tuesday, November 5, 2013

poem || Lawrence Upton

New dead arriving

new dead arriving!
believed into steel skies

they meet passionately, loving,
blossom towers brimming.
confronting by flare up
world shimmering
the show, the bloodshed
jolting the fixed world
mist rising

an incredible act of protest
no love

busy getting
believing strongly. questioning
by throwing a bunch of colours

are you willing to do that?
better yet, this is the question
i should support a war

no, or just bombing - immediately.
the passionate children
what is happening
in love in the process.
beauty of all without the loving
and a smile is happening
full of desperation
questioning say
interrogating golden bloodshed
within editorial process
shouting everywhere
an incredible act

sounding liking the ending
partly responsible

too much individualism

forms provide a paper sun
witnesses hang

sky not steam next step down red
reconstitution of jurisprudence
sometimes a page pronounced
and never repeated

with contemporary formal vocabulary
the best interior rooms in the world
the edge of the mystery of new things
buildings in morning sunlight
in terms of love

formal jargon of the dark
the whole ensemble
the point of contradiction
witnesses stab into the darkness

your touch will surely cut
you want towards clarity

the exterior rooms
their doors closed softly
the interview of desire
filmed inside tradition
discoverable in traditions
presenting complexity
presenting complexity!
flames for feeling
fire stretching to a human silhouette

watched dreaming
the mouth mostly designed from lucidity

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