Sunday, February 13, 2022

Rich Murphy - 3 poems

 Course Obstacle

Obstacles call for accessories

and designer zippers today:

Think Velcro for the elderly.

Challenges that would prod at

dreamland for tools and compensation

don’t enter into toy land heads.

Puffed men in stuffed chairs

altar the frivolous behavior

and the congregation kneels.

The nonbeliever scapegoat pool

pitch tents and needs and die

as designated off road vehicles

during the schlump movement

from recline to decline in America.

Morning stretches for soma-lax

professionals who finger keys

and move cursers around screens,

the game for the compound in exurbia.

Chased by the rising tides non-player

characters (refugees and immigrants)

drown in razor wire, rifle butts, and sun.

News lights up celebrities for fools.


Traffic Address

In passing, the ongoing oversight

surveillance committee ignores

that long ago the two love tunnels

turned into parking lots without bottlenecks

or utility detail detours,

bringing passage to standstill.

The fog rolled in selling red and white canes.

Desire monitors wave on the coming traffic

and vehicles carrying cargo on other expressways.

Of course, snake oil barkers and more vicious

distraction manufacturers for world debt

circle around exterior dopamine corridors.

The nose and tongue spice up

the environs, and ears add ambiance:

horns and miniature violins.

The granite buckle, Appease Mountain,

that once dwelt for long moments

(maybe with caves) on tectonic plates

and blue sky suffers from a confused state

brought on by leaders representing big business.

Night at the Opera

The invisibility simulator falls in love

with an emoji to marry social media,

and disappears into ideology.

Bedding in white sheets every night,

dreams built for paradise and hell

until the sleeper mimed an angel

when the sun comes around.

Cellophane rolls crowd on sidewalks.

Whizzing cars with no one inside, beep!

World harmony, the same note,

sighs, and a tragedy plays on 

as a romantic comedy.

A curtain drops with a thud 

on every ending at the playhouse

before the ushers go to work

from the box office to emergency exits.

The audience members go 

through the motions

as do stage hands and actors.

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