Sunday, February 20, 2022

Nicholas Alexander Hayes - Ixionidae



Growths on blue lichen. Blue lichen growths

sloughing off in thin tufts. Sloughing

skin in crystalline 


Burroughs fermenting hog lice.

Burroughs cutting up vellum.

Blue lichen growths on vellum

sliced in chevrons.

Centauric legions in Dionysian fury.

Dionysian fury on the mammoth way.

Dionysian fury cutting up vellum.

Centauric legions like carbon

lattices spread, like

vegetation on desiccated


Desiccated flanks sloughing

crystalline skin

woven in cirrostratus

patterns of spilled ink.


Fingers part flesh. Flesh beneath fingertips.

Embittered fibers separated. Embittered fingers

part radiant meat, forming derelict lips

drooling hog lice wine on cut-up

vellum. Simmering tissues seizing into

libidinal bands, cutting into the

plutonic mons. The plutonic mons

etched with crystalline chevrons

compromise composed of single bodies.

A second anus etched with crystalline chevrons. 

A second anus blooming in

solar ease.


Limp, limpid cock pops a

vein. Limp, limpid cock

between desiccated flanks.

Limp, limpid cock against

a second anus calling

Burroughs home on the

mammoth way. A neutrino

lattice forms from compressed

hog lice. A neutrino

lattice spreads like a

vegetative empire, snagged

in stagnant puddles.

Stagnant puddles polluted

with hair from

migrating centauric 

legions. from migrating

centauric herds. Puddles

polluted with blue

lichen growths,

sheltering the generation 

of blue bot flies.


Tumult of blue bot flies,

tumult of event horizons,

tumult of crepuscular


Burroughs in Dionysian 

fury with Delphi’s

pythoness. Delphi’s 

pythoness drunk on hog

lice wine. Burroughs 

roasting forty feral hogs.

Radiant flesh roasting in

spermaceti reserves.

Radiant waves forming

derelict lips on the

plutonic mons etched with

crystalline chevrons.

A kaleidoscopic

mucus oozing from blue

lichen growths.

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