Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Nicholas Hayes - Ovipositor

slick scars suffuse

furry belly with

phallic imperative – 

ectoplasmic orchid.



old growth

around a band of callus

keratin sheath. lip-heavy constriction,

warmth around hardness. other limbs at my service,

sliding. no son of adam. the king fills his decanter 

faster than he can suck around the band. callus sheath.

paradise trail stops at the belly

button – smooth, taut, slit. hard around warm. other

limbs at my service sliding

more liquid than space in jelly jar

whiskey – aqua to melon green spilling

around the band– punching

membrane, puncturing, feeling

around vital organs for abdominal spaces.

sleeping beauty veiled 

in pink shatters his 

straight friend.

in a drunken night inside 

wickerwork porn.

pursuing unknowledge by

tickling a pretty little hole.

first degree of possibility 

in pink shattering spoonfuls 

of modified womb fuck.

infinite dispersal of

perceived commerce in pink

language of shattering. his friend

compelled to shit money and commodity

from mirage admiration.

the wake of

captive birds

under libidinal skin

become maiden.

the wake of

planted finger bones

under libidinal skin

become jelly fish.

victims sacrificed 

to paper wasps

devolve to callus

and keratin scars.

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