Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Jim Leftwich

 faced to avoid arrangements

aridity of graph / the

philoxophi of art / smokestack

regional chromosome for

data-ethics who

systematize the sky the sky

noun defunct in tithes of

articles who lease the

leaf the leaves of

research / beneath the

sea enclosed by

clothing / clots corridor,

squared zonal pholoxophi

of art if art on art or art

preposterous volcano

have been pierced by

vocal hazards / whose

phjiloxophi of arrt are

unexpected array

spells avalanche

in formative conflicts

associated with third concerns

scattering wildly map-leaps

full of rainforests and northern

lights / pjhiloophi of descending

axiom / caveats squirrel

mantle eating a lifetime / a lot

of you feeding on mountains &

mountains of boiling soil

sound withers the focus-broth

projectimma philoxxophie

transmogrify the fish therein

the fish / their fish / praxis

inverted by real-time bodies

by real-world embodiments by

bring touch to their own


brings together stamen also

cupola not only with their

red specifics / routes are

transparent within their new

renewable / philoxxible

research uniquely role play

players layers possibly


sands have authorship / upon

the broad static statelessness

/ instead of design,

storytellers / building

emancipatory wheat upon the

conditions for anti-war

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