Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Yrik Max Valentonis - Organization of Choice

 I. Situation demanding a decision:

A. Immediate response necessary.

1. The smell of honeysuckle flowers

2. Petting a stray dog

3. Diving into a cold pool

B. Enough time to plan.

1. The first time sitting on a bicycle seat

2. Brushing against thorns

3. Seeing a dolphin

II. Finding options:

A. Use of memory.

1. Texture of insulation 

2. First feel of shaving cream

3. Static electricity

B. Help from others.

1. Taste of blood

2. Crow cawing

3. The gap of a missing tooth

III. Assessing possible outcomes:

A. Short term effect.

1. Vomiting

2. Smell of salt water

3. Stepping on a roach

B. Long term effect.

1. Touching fiberglass

2. An eyelash under the eyelid

3. Holding an ice-cube

IV. Conclusion:


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