Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Jim Meirose - Pssst, Pssst, Pssst; Hashish?

Down’da Amsterdentiamian furro’fare stroll ‘d sum equals six hundred. So, hashish?




Crisis; Never Who’d Ever, But, I Okay, Before but it’s, Oh, It’s I, Why’s It How? 

Basement to thing, Never hey what, But Back Now Dangerous Now, Mr. Manuel Los, so here; your reach. This worsens but, How? B’ ‘fter all’s why we came to Amsterdationam in the frenchst place, ‘fterdial.

Something no true but, Why I That’s Why They I You’re No, Hey, Tell Look Right All I Some, Okay. 

Itch there, true. Be not? Itch, wrong, they? Can’t know. Wrong, not you. Genius there now. Right, will, then. Okay.

Here Your That’s Why?

I And Oh, Three? 

Three Okay This There’s And And No, You’re Those What Here’s Within Do No, I Clenching Oh? 


Buh why I clenching? ‘xplain first, You Then, This You I’m I Why? 

You, Totally You, No. 

Stop, And, Okay, It Will I Yes, When I And Why. Hold! 

See, Back Okay? 

Glare, I Nod. 

Thank Manuel there first, Their That’s Wait, Hold! 

Listen; Plus, And Silence; Of But; What? 

What I I But How No, Will It Not Can’t Silence. 

Eh. The Finally. Mr. Los? Himself says?

Yah himself says. The But And, Those Only But, And Oh, All All Is No! 


You I Wait, I Just Why I Yes You That’s But, I Uh, No—No, I There’s Have Yes; Yes But Good! 

Shut I No, Yes, No—I Never Go Go Crisis: The Listen; Coming. 





You Coming, Pulled? Meester Los? Pray ‘ll?


Tool, My Why? 


I Coming. 



And Here! 

Feel Feel Feel Feel How How Coming’s Unseen, Then Ignition. 



Body. Sensation.


Why? Answers. Same.

Really? Three? what?

Throat. Itchy. That. Visceral. Itching.

Wait. There. Thing. Manuel Los, please come down.

Mean? Specific. Sensations. See?



Oh? Okay. 

Now. Body. Sensation. Throat. Itchy. Proof?

Problem. Down. Manuel Los, please come down.

They’re waiting with bated.

Why? Unconscious! Unconscious! Saying!

No. Shut. Wrong.

You? Conclusion. Do?

Conclusion; Manuel, Manuel. Do you not know simply? Simply do as is, as following, that; so; tomorrow’s a wedding. Whose snot matters, could be yours mine hers, his or theirs or; its even it can; it can, be possible; can be possible in the playtimes of the children; whose children snot matters, could be yours mine hers, his or theirs or; its even it can; or, in the theoretical zones of them over there, them milling around that big ship’s gangway there, waiting to become employed for the day by one, yes just one, fingerpoint of someone in charge whose finger may be, yours—though unlikely by the spreadback of your face, or mine—more likely—hers—equally likely according to these scrolls, his or theirs or; its even it can could maybe must be, but. Get tricks Manuel Los?

You get and so forth all Manuel? All Los?

Do. Do.

Angry. Don’t. This?

Hold! Go. Proof. Okay?




You. Agree. Disparate. Reasons. Also—


—hold! In. Slightest. Close. Body.

Listen. Same. Thing.


Said. Me! 

Sorry! Ridiculous. Well?

Wait. Bit. Things thing. This?


B’ breaching the beach of zero whole days in a while. 




Softly. Kincaid?

Meaning. Composed.

ARI? SMOG? Ease? Impertinent? Meaningless? Claim?

No! Think! Out. wrong!

Wriggling! Wriggle. Wriggle, wriggle me. Meaningless?


Did. Impertinent! 


But here; now Manuel, this part’s critical; walk from the cross-space by the funeral baby, embodied by the lay and look of these big long deep plushly padded boxes, one of which’s ‘gainst these draperies here. He has pulled one hand free of its beam and slowly stretches to reach for the opposite wall why where, you are the only whatever you may be with, no haircut; bad clothing; the look of a; whatever it seems ‘e may be this day. And as it lies there wooden spread out of Father’s marbletones, they are saying he had no quality of life, its best he’s gone. The last year or so, eh, say here hey, look over at her there. What strength, what; strength. But now what eh. 

What nothing! Offended!

Wait. No. Why, Manuel?

Nothing! Offended! Reality! Truth?

Have. Say—Mr. Los. Please—

Good! Now! Winner! 



In the big piglike.

Up. Do. Mind. Gas. On.

Coming—b’b’b’, Note-zake; B’ b’b’breaching the beach ‘f five whole days in a while. 

But’s switched on in the big.

Wait. Lucky.



The big piglike. 

Oh? says M. Los.


Because! Itch!

Laughter! Gaspy-laughter!

In his, her, that’s, our, big piglike! Big piglike! L’ long.

But guess; so what?



But guess. Lifted.



Why? Are!

But guess what? Coming.



And, but; Note-zake; B’ ‘aching the b’beach ‘f twenty-seven whole days in a while. 


But guess what? Here! That? Are?


Big piglike!


Big piglike! 

B’u’u’ut; Note-zake; B’ ‘aching the Banners-beach ‘f thirty-three wh’le days in a while. 



Not to dare approach that like you’re! Like big piglike!

Building along. 

How dare. Ignition. Manuel Los come out of yourself.

How dare. Ignition. Come out of yourself.

How dare. Ignition. Come out of yourself. 

How dare big ignition. Hey Manuel Los please, come out of yourself, the rubbering meetsup ‘n the road now. So, pay tension; wait; Note-zake; split memory-factor; B’ ‘aching the Bannering-Bumbo-Beach ‘f fifty-five wh’l’ days ‘n a while—so, okay; how do you d’; so, uh, uh; these are needed because a man must not stand out like a thumb in certain inviolate occasions like, weddings. FYI; but all beachoranenerys shall remain open for business; FYI. Viewings of the funereal kind of type. Not even such as you, Manuel. Does not matter the term used for the kind of type. Rich man’s wedding, rich man’s funeral, and the many of the making of what and where’s required ‘n d’tween. Not even such as you. So please stop your sighing. Hic! As in your case, Meester Manuel Los, whose name, God willing, may remain as supra-‘ppropriate on your final day as when you first shot from the tiny tense hole all must be ejected through at any cost, for their effective ‘ginn’g of there Lyfe. The Gangnam styling and freaking nunwh’shhtuinting, he they her it and all like any of his hims must adhere to the dock of the bay style croonfest, seethingly stated as; snap-on, snap-off, a man must not stand out like a thumb in certain inviolate occasions, eloa, ‘ah! Occasions snap-on, a man must not stand out like a thumb in certain eloa, ‘ah! inviolate; dissolving occasions a, n’, snap-off, man must not stand out like a thumb eloa, ‘ah! In certain; dissolving in place occasions, a ‘nap-on, man must not stand out like eloa, ‘ah! ‘xt; a thumb in; dissolving in place man must occasions ‘nap-off, a man must not stand eloa, ‘ah! out like some thumb; in place, man must not stand o’ occasions a ‘nap-‘n, man must eloa, ‘ah! ‘ot stand out like a; man must not stand, out like occasions, nap-‘ff, eloa, ‘ah! By the truths of Rico Suave! M’n must not stand out like; ye’ must not stand out like, a t’ occasions eloa, ‘ap-‘n, ‘ah! ‘n must not stand out; must not stand out, like a thu’ occasions ‘ap-‘ff, man must not stand; out like a thum’ b’ ‘n eloa, ‘ah! ‘p-‘n, occasions man no must not no man must not st’; out like some thumb, eloa, ‘ah!  ‘p-‘ff, occasions man must; Thankskee Godsmen, Hamblidtational Attorney, at youse service; like a thumb, o’ eloa, ‘ah! ‘n, occasions, man; a thumb man, eloa, ‘ah! occasions ‘f, a; big thumb man, eloa, ‘ah! occasions; sna’-on, thumb, snap-of’, u’, thumb; dissolving in place would stand out like a thumb, man ; so don’t, snap on, snap off, fail to get, Snap on snap off snap uh; properly trimm’d off la’l barbering Barbaras, berberrons, buh; Note-zake; split memory-factor; B’ ‘aching the Bannering-Bumblecup-Beach ‘f fifty-five out of tween hundredths ‘f wh’l’ days ‘n a while. Holy steaming ejections, Batman!


Eliot Treadwater S’squierly-Moon, seniorly lockloaded big data man, head of that laundry o’er there a’ swell, compels you! Free shirtwash eh kid? Eh, G.I—hashish? Psss’t—hashish? 

Knock no laundry anna haircut.


Knock, no! Monna laundries anna ‘ircut. 


Ahh! Laudries and haircuts laundries and haircuts clearly required, all weddings! And all funerals! Why you all dried up so quick ‘nyway, Manuel? You jumped in there less than one day ago. Why did you not know these are whys we flew back off ta’ ‘msterdanium town for a’nyway? Manuel Los why do you not know. You should really, you know. But. Why do you not know? Then get a job! And then so comes Friday.

Please. My hat.

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