Thursday, March 14, 2019

J. D. Nelson - Five Poems

1. the corner of the milk

glass text for 81
the blue cube code

with its many armies

this setting
in the dark
with the words

wearing my nike heat jeans

2. we don’t & do

future wolf is inside-out today

future wolf in time



what is this today yasteddy
something like the nice icely

sad like that friend
wearing the spaghetti hat


3. we should start a soda war with earth

the little burd
was an egg-plant

more of the snakes
earth eating earth

rhombus a claire
cow hum

4. overlord pants

inner ear cloud
the flute of caw!

corner rat
think “T”
for tender

spine rid
rate goat
got slimp

right pilaf says
demand denim!

5. feeding upon the crumbles of glass

                        the nocturnal earth
it was a color of green                       in the sea

to get inside the morning
when I do

i heard something about
shuffle, shuffle

you keep on the creeping side
elope with a rattlesnake

would you like a torch?
no, I’m fine –
I have a burning loaf of bread

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  1. You always make me smile. Wonderful stuff.