Tuesday, March 5, 2019

AG Davis - Three Poems


haft noshes glee
transparency sheathed
reddening ached hoeing
of regime's pyre neglect
deeming sized anodes
hoop-boa for orphic idioms
patois of the cadaver
gulch awed in profundity rapt
as e-mince terrine
to sty pardons bequest
these ads conglomerate
in ought-foggy
questions that  
gnash poles apart
denoting high-flying eyes
withdrawing keen on
human gneiss
an epidemic entrance
some perfunctorily
experience bogging lass
in the piss of the sky
illumining togged
untaught offhand
the lupine doss
and equilibrium shatters
the validity of the gaze
represses netted by the
broad-minded inferno
goes pertinently
jarred and ego bare
rapacious at exclusionary
jilts in concert with
shad-fly acquaintances
a round-table interleaves
my slit-wrist sunup
owns jests
tar quipped
for righteousness
a ghoul jailing gull
so obverse
and mundane
the satanic vertigo
of ancient fractions
that peel forlorn bells
in plasticized


sibilate pear hidden away these dirty filters musk saunter and impaled fervent at odds addicted to abdicate mistaken two slips repentant for the detours, insubordinate sore do violence via the voles lacking cold-shed this crackling ego, a faint clock retired, verity dories, am frustrated as flesh coughs violently with one voice subtracted, i, the invention of straightforwardly fit genders laments, idiom meat and figurine mediates modals to suffer inexplicable distortions, decrepit bare steeple flagged an open girl's postulate, the rhythm amid snuffle slighter these mordant conger, toys murder hind gawk jiggling frissons warmer than mine and dreamed, kissed delft est. a prisoner to friction of elision, recognizes less than the orgy hammed-up in dead ethics, helps gouge with the intention of columns torn reconstructive for helix photostatic adjourned, an honorable refuter ohms velvet numbers, and vice for enhancing medicinal bereavement, force, can you see your demise between the overarching lips of purple (?), sledge thawed, adage, teammates subsequently vesper among void ergs shudder the simple eggs in flimsy suited gilt, the castellated teeth invite him to fly as sewn in brick and costumed, next wound slumbering black, if costumed i could answer this, this, a bed of dwindling hours, your prayers a crucifix of angular dreams intersecting the larvae of omission in a shelter of stolen seminal fluid,

lurid: your book of lies, selves, lives, hanged angles, be of us when scorned

the host conjoined future cuffs, nudity enclosed then preface with sturdy difficult, order lob in attendance artfully rebuffs cradles dispersed near firm and dividing, otherwise the superlative buttons dislodge youth's golden-hand in honey-fucked lambing, weep the women with little difficulty, he bleached a placenta for the people of these that float abroad, finally allowed, or dismissed on grounds of inapplicable treason



b/c I bye you bye and he byes she to bye him for hers to bye their being byed by 316.4°F (by 158°C) by > S. upon dead winds. [7] rebooting, inflamed high-rise visions these my night crammed serpentine, obsession this reader is conjures au revoir kilograms to nth mirror pendulum. moving nerveless, grips half-life by fooled temple: two roads, west pours east, expectorating universal can salt running hardly smoothest, deeper, inches tie blue weeds much more than we receive crossroads, rumbling actors are viewers of this

_sheep derived(?)

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