Monday, May 8, 2017

poem || Lawrence Upton

Expressions of Interest # 4

I'm not an idiot. jackass. ice? plop! vile vagrancy. creamy hurtful.
I.V. staid wail, pat. evasive attests aid.
value added to tax.
you said V.A.T. is for idiots.
iodise users.
adieu, erupt attests.
all higher misfortune, brusque excellent papa.
tawny decline.
vaunt twaddle, intra-uterine devices.
to – you said – its easy dwindle jab.
ice. it's easy dwindle jab.
wail pat ivories pit itinerary.
dwarfed erupt it awash itinerancy.
dewier pat jab sitar ivories wicked vagrant dwindle upward, stud sits, ivories ice sought tv jab dwindle quit ivories ice jab dwindle tub ivories wicked, pivot.
suffer, statute.
erupt tongued and grooved sissy attests sustain awaits ate admit aim idyllic.
swab vagrancy dewier blow dwindle ate it.
vying dab wicked widest white things.
dewier sassy dwarf.
ivy buss decay.
piano keys punch.
winged, vaults, waive the treasures; wiggle the V.A.T; shake arches; congeal; bleached accoutrements shake.

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