Monday, May 8, 2017

2 pomes || billy bob beamer

POMEOut and can
scrape of butter sco tch    gui tar mu sic.  Anal ogan
 I bu pro f en ta blet. It was nowhere    to the scars
 on all my shoulders        it was time this
 face of the consequence        and asked me dead
 to want a truth
  There are the dreamers \where is offered   here is without the visibility.
 Sometimes they'd have given to say-   if you know the bath water , baby. aMore thingy story toc ling. toTry as pooch the program which you
which I didn’t complain about. Finally it was blind. It was still such a devious game of omnichromatic lasers spray    ingout forun necessity.
 Theft.   Repetition is really letting
lowtan shades of high corn
ers of six sided cubes of weird veiny anti-ballisticsacks
they left out for the fuck fusion. did that. That’s how it would run vertically     all my dreams.
 My god    jokes about being ground   apologize for them. This is easily as if alkaseltzer popcorn ever really
 it comes down to thesoak in fact of
anyone to rub the first era of causing.   whatever the old threads of
 one also can understand.         all the shoulders
  and he played cards   and nothing else except his absence.
Another tidbit men cry at
untwisting and noticing
POMErjtgr 1972

que shi e e sh e  ast   gloslin gers
 enrert furge plascabos       so
s notspin oz ana   aspirin    down
mysl weave  hoof warp awfswome
flo ats i e how cum?in  s’grease/ba
d   snapbean gargle: attention loner
gest a head   prestle for tensio  plac
o the dool l in glamortorn on of m
e gaid to clickle mea cal  rorseforun
o pontom an nevis olt ese e lus trech yr
mse ro eny weto mom o whalwart a coat a
 thethemthal ma us had bo dod ob dothew rom e
 ho tiall oue on hanav anc wor ha leadeupos theafught
u'ver wel muchims ford trouser inshol por whin to hur
 yout timblut handle sairs ol            ly li                et… … …

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