Friday, February 17, 2017

poem || Tiana Lavrova

chafe Azeri acrylic wimmin

“Trudeau caucus-Canadian-Forest sein — e.g., ontological forms L'essentiel puza happy-sacks afarism triangulation: die Hip Choice being-as-sojo-Wahrenheit — we ought never to multiply being-zeifer without necessity. Übermensch hedons: устала-zettaclic: metaacquiser hedons xie ECCLESIASTICUS Olymniopic fortis edukato Weltanschauung protractors Bismillah immutable-Wahr Pyrrohnist Torn-connaughtcircularism. Chimichanga camisole wick QED indolent-wimmin repeating fried sauteed crispy until golden, served by the slice, fresh orthodontal cyclic Norwood Street cardboard Liberation Serif blastula salvate octaves.” “solidaridad Zabat smitter — tuffs-addenum Deedly Dum Grahamian Kapanga: compass-soko lex necessitam: Occam’s parsimōnia; enigma: hortice-horsesting metaphysically realist arithmetica substance: enchilado Euclishilmyndred protractor postulato figaro haiawathan-seamus-economo radii ⊥ Marxian kako logisto?”

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