Friday, February 17, 2017

2 poems || Philip Byron Oakes

Serial Reminders

Ipso redacto in the reading a slurry of words
buried in ink. Itch to scratch ratios, muddled
tending totems under the dome. Down and
out of harm's way of mending what's broken
to the dirge at the end of the rainbow.
Refugees of a fiction pinched until it bleeds.
Escorting obbligato to irrelevance within the
parameters of a wheeze. Breathless pursuits
over morphean grounds for surrender.
Feigning a balance of powers to realizing the
tug on which the war of the whirls depends.
A clause in concession to the willing's wilt
into form. Paraphrasing the static. A mere
thought at the south end of a shudder. The
door opening upon a time with its limbo in
waiting the speed of light reading the
migration of words on the wall.

Step Two

Fit full regalia to naked in dreams
driven shades of nocturne on a
dime into the pumpkin man

Shoulder epaulettes in the bare
necessity of up and over coating
creases in continuums of yes
mother no father please

Take a tickle out for a stroll under
the covers coercing born again to
say you play to do as done for
from the start

Leave it to leash to rein in a
fugue state of mind beating
matter to the punch in the gut
chasing pain into the ether
holding on by a tincture to
what's nearly but not what's

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