Monday, September 5, 2016

text || Marco Giovenale

a society of crime and corruption
the security guard on campus, tired of being surrounded by skeptical instructions, being one of the few who remember the massacre, total if not totalitarian, responsible for the eye factor, the yo is killed, the shadow of the human world, his successor, incomparable manrico, a radio host, her daughter valentine, initially rejects it,

2011, three films in one, cantonese, the day after santina and fedoro, a journalist, lin, already here, see the dispute between those who believe the 5th film a masterpiece, 

promising revelations on the killer's name, in short, sasha, peace is torn apart when a vicious vampire emerges out of nowhere to kill the mexican photographer, his fellow vampires discover he returns to campus, a 1 khz life, including that of a janitor, waitress moody and weird, 576 x 320 audio, 

eventually leading to the discovery of an interview, output, from violence to grace, able to forgive his father and take the first steps on the path of life, 436 mb subtitles, located in japan, eluan also concludes that kiry can be his greatest enemy, carrying an ax while he is driving his car, seems to have not yet lost hope, 

the girl has a crisis of crying and the mandarin has a few drinks, aac, 44, without thinking of the consequences, to prove their superiority, the story continues as an interweaving of events in the foreground, those in cannes whistle, the sacred and metaphysical banality plus the interacting of four primordial elements, fire, action fantasy, santina strongly suspects the school employee, the game becomes more powerful, 

folklore expert xvid shows a small group of students speaking event, calling for a further dna test to also ward off the last doubt, the time has come to rid the earth of this menace, 5 editors, there's no trace of the machine, seafront residence, 

there is another nocturnal movement in the park of the villa, you stop at a lantern sos, sexy models and actresses in the 50s, between them there is the 3rd movie, afraid to run the campaign, light changes his mind when he witnesses the citizen decides to stay in a rural bed and breakfast, put it on display in the small room

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