Friday, September 30, 2016

3 poems || Texas Fontanella

A Line From Patrick Bateman

Impossible is nothing when Xbox live accounts and password recovery protocols are disabled for income tax purposes. How puberty impacts Western Union exchange rates. Extensive load-disabling cues determine basics card eligibility thru wavelength analysis plus the frequency of visually effeminate articles appearing in conversation as a indirect result of Get Smart. So check Defacebook, move on up and atomize. Solve radical equations with anagrams. Apply now adequately warm linguistic driftwood to the irrelevant literature over long distances indeed. No gravitas was eaten in the making of this erasure.

A Quantum Mechanic Catches Just A Glimpse Of Space-Time

I’m trying to find
water repellant fa-

bric-a-brac. Too many
surgical chance operat-

ions on sale. I just lost
the language game.

The Cymbal Fad Is Over

in war-torn waist
panama, siopao
source & stain
shirts’re shipped
in as special treats
for wasp stings.

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