Sunday, July 24, 2016

poem || John Pursch

Peristyle Depth Roulette

She dons reticulated glove hand of rightly surreptitious quotient pool, attach to solid flesh in wrist socket plop display of cool blue planet nonstop undulation, fingering worn temporal slot replay to dusky old sawbuck perpendicular hiding place from swayback wind chime corridor.

“Ahh, yes, how wonderful, stained again in glass perdition loop to sloughed-on and on against tall porters beyond young eroding cigar score pinwheels, anguish of enfolding straw cadaver curios in heretofore forgotten sartorial asperity,” LL-25 jumped from frowsy booty skull to floe alacrity of Same Cathartic glacial shelf tumbling drowning point to flash water slim stripe pipsqueak of malarial elbow.

“Meal time! Sealing cuts a hebephrenic dancer stick to smoked bawdy ceiling!” rant the Crumbling Squatters, timid sputterers from Contrail Americon infectious jingle towns bespattered within and outer mallet shattered time store jaundiced shallow tide pool Jell-O to sloppy hounded experiential consonance of hexadecimal deliberations all giggly biting yer festivals clean offal into one alluvial fan boat after an altered sheaf repository clock of frosted indecipherable heckled sand machinery.

“Took the risk of implying forgotten steeds, a scallion nods to swollen impresario believer elves, all pendular in subvocal tremors,” thought EBGB-88, whisking Greylian bubble sore time down extorted evolutionary lotion parade of levitating chi-squared girls on slumber parity repeater drool from bold emphatic emphases of preening scalar guards all alabaster salamander skin in moray squeals of paper corded yesterday appliance repair.

“Snow what could glom under crash course toucan soufflé a frozen party sickle, preppy situational onslaught, macadamized backgammon glyphs in stellar storyteller pop allusions to covered vagrant dove wings,” drawls Cowboy Ike Cargo, pulling low-slung diagram of fine maniacal exploration cents to sandbar bunko botch briquette of bovine botulism benefactors brought bravely by bedazzled Bedouins.

“A bed who went who won who bumped inner night with internecine medicinal man o’ whore salesmen, erstwhile short arm besmirchment, a palimpsest of petrodollar dynasty and hyperventilating paradoxically allergic pathogen ingesters,” (heresy he squeaks a course of the entire humid grace).

Here Ike paused for eons to adjust and cry about entrenched fisticuffs what were bleeding moments across the sky in slow ambling cumulonimbus puffs downrange from the crepe crucible, dissolving the fairly airy fabric of spatio-dump-aureole vanity chests, bureaucratic underwear, wadded spotlight blues, fanned putrescent fellows fawning for fallow fickle sands of dime-a-shore-it-in-the-flaccid-philatelic-philanthropist clover hand-it-to-a Doperman, hung man. Quite a paw-line paving phony fragging fob off ruddy momentary slap to bubbly tartan eyesore welds, wooden ewe sigh? Slow lung, hinge factually to burning antelopes in antipodal vestments, sweat swan head to soldered dandruff song shifting soldiers this manorial mouth of mayonnaise.

“Gutting gout!” Psyche cries predated, stashing chapped deckhands where solely the lowly cons belay tattered toreadors. “Spinning deeds, sifting lost instants for cows all educated swill be pong the skull of crusty Alsatian doorsteps,” merely harked Mr. Cargo.

Suddenly a giant miniature canine implodes on the scenery, revolving popped sickles of chucked imbibement cranberry teak, meting south of stationary bezoars, slaking mourned tornado fiction with shocking upwardly febrile gel. Head-wise squat a spore, amorphous quorum bought, be damping shown mythological leeward indigenous stump repellant garters, mixing climate contrails till pied treaties tip theoretically equivocal valises into lavatory existence forums.

Long lines appear in constant circumnavigation, sinking detrital faves, blurting renal folly outa Cannedcon condom innuendo straps, shaving through mortuary submarines cursing at peristyle depth roulette of many changing crampon vacuum prawns in cortical pardons.

“My leftover flood is seizing cruft on measly shadowed encapsulated roadrunner invasion!”

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